Can dogs have pringles

Can dogs have pringles

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Can dogs have pringles? And did we just discover there’s a word for a dog in a suit?

Our new columnist, the delightful and extremely knowledgeable Sarah Wilson, answers these questions and more on this week’s Talking Dog podcast.

This week we’re joined by Sarah Wilson, the author of Why Dogs Eat Dirt, a book about soil science and its application to the health and welfare of dogs.

She tells us about her journey from soil science student to dog trner, the different soil types we humans are missing out on because of our love affr with synthetic fertilisers, and the exciting new developments in the fight to improve the health of the planet’s soils.

What we’re eating

The new book Why Dogs Eat Dirt is on sale in bookshops everywhere from Friday 5 July

Sarah is also a columnist for the magazine Horticulture Week, and writes and speaks on subjects from natural farming to eco-sustnability, healthy nutrition, and dog trning. She says:

“I had to put the soil column on hold for a while while I finished the book. My next column will be published in the autumn, but I know many of you will already be thinking about the new season and how to enjoy it without harming the earth.

“If you’re planning to grow things yourself this year, my top tip is to choose only the most nutritious plants. Growers and farmers should always plant crops with the greatest nutritional benefits. Plants such as kale, red onions, and spinach have high nutritional value and provide valuable minerals to the soil. As well as this, they don’t demand much space and last well in the kitchen, so they are great for filling gaps in the vegetable patch.”

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You can find Sarah at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram here.

For an interview about the book, please read this.

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Sarah has written for the RSPCA, the Telegraph, Mother&,Baby, the Guardian, the BBC Good Food Magazine, the New Statesman, and others. She’s also an author on the platform, where her most popular post has had almost 8,000 shares and 1,000 comments. She is currently working on her next book, which will be published in April 2017.

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