Shen calmer for dogs

Shen calmer for dogs

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Shen calmer for dogs and cats

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Shen calmer for dogs and cats

CALGARY — Many people know that cats and dogs need a lot of attention and exercise to be healthy and happy.

However, the opposite is true for some cats and dogs — their breed is not compatible with their home, and it’s hard for their owners to do what’s best for them.

But now a new company is looking to do something about that.

“I’m a huge dog person,” said Cindy Stenhammar. “But I’m also a huge cat person.”

Stenhammar is working on a solution for a problem she noticed while she was walking in a neighbourhood in Calgary.

“I saw a beautiful cat with a beautiful long hair, and there were three small kittens that were trying to crawl to her, but she would push them away.”

She wanted to help, so she went home and researched what she could do to make the cat feel more comfortable. She thought about the cats she had owned before.

“And they were the happiest and healthiest cats I ever had.”

Stenhammar’s cat, Penny, was also the happiest and healthiest cat she ever had, and the same was true for many of her friends’ cats and dogs.

Stenhammar wanted to do something about that.

“I thought, ‘What if I could make this a little bit better?’”

Stenhammar decided to create something called Shen Calmer — a small wearable device designed to be used around the home with your cat or dog.

Shen Calmer is the world’s first wearable home cat and dog technology designed to provide comfort and distraction to both animals when they are in distress.

It’s designed to soothe, reduce fear, improve activity and reduce anxiety in both cats and dogs.

“For a cat owner that’s had to make multiple trips back and forth, it’s almost impossible, and this would be a solution,” said Stenhammar.

Shen Calmer is designed to be worn around the neck and is a simple, affordable device.

It has an app that is designed to interact with your pet. When your cat or dog gets stressed, it will turn on. It gives your cat or dog soothing music, and there’s a microphone for them to talk to you.

“It’s a small device that’s worn around the neck. It’s really easy to set up. There are a lot of things you can program into it.”

Stenhammar is hoping it will help ease some of the anxiety many people have in their homes, and it could help dogs and cats live longer.

“A lot of the cats and dogs that I’ve talked to that I’ve worked with in the past have had serious problems with arthritis. They would live a very long life.”

In Calgary, Stenhammar is trying to raise money so she can continue developing this technology.

“The main goal for now is to get these to the people who need them, and also to raise awareness so that other people can be aware of the problem and also be aware of this product and this solution.”

If you want to learn more about Shen Calmer, you can check out the link to this story on GoFundMe.

Calgary, Alberta, August 8, 2017 – As more people own dogs and cats in their homes, so do they live longer and stay healthier. But as pets age and live longer, they experience a number of physical and behavioural issues such as arthritis and depression. These problems are often ignored and are only discovered when owners notice their pets struggling with symptoms like poor sleep, restlessness, or anxiety. Shen Calmer® is a unique, award winning pet tech solution that aims to address these issues.

Shen Calmer was developed by a small group of pet owners, pet behavior experts and medical professionals in the United States and Canada. They have been working with both animals and their owners in order to create this solution and make a difference in their lives.

Cindy Stenhammar, Founder

Cindy Stenhammar is a Calgary resident who was a cat owner in her earlier years. Her own experience with the health and emotional challenges that come with living with cats made her determined to help other pet owners who are facing similar situations. She has made Shen Calmer the only device available that helps pet owners who want to spend time with their pets in the home.

Cindy said, “We are creating a device that will provide a solution for both the animals and their owners. We have created a device that will provide peace, a distraction, and so much more to both the cat and their owners. The device has two modes that are available to owners of dogs and cats, and the device itself is designed to be worn around the neck. I know this will make a difference in the lives of many pets.”

“This is the first device of its kind that has been made available in the world and that is a big step for us,” said Stenhammar. “The device is designed to make it so that owners of both cats and dogs can provide the distraction they want to their pets and the benefits that pets provide.”

Daryl and Chris Wilson, Founders

Daryl and Chris Wilson are both cat and dog owners who have lived with a lot of anxiety and other health issues that come with living with these animals. They are the founders of Shen Calmer and they have been working on the development and marketing of this device.

Daryl said, “When I first went online to find

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