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Behavior training

How Service Dogs for Autistic Children are Changing Lives

Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend, but what if the saying went one step further? Every day service dogs for autistic children are changing lives across the country just by doing what dogs do best - being a best friend. The service dogs for autistic children play a slightly different role than the typical service dog that comes to mind.
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Pet behavior training

Training Adult Dogs - You're Never Too Old to Learn

Some people say that training puppies is easy, if you know what you're doing, but training adult dogs is nothing more than a lost cause. Whatever they say about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, it is patently untrue. Old dogs may not learn as quickly as they did when they were young, but with time and patience, most older dogs can be taught to do anything that a young dog can.
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Choosing a Colombian Boa

The Colombian boa constrictor is a beautiful and easily kept snake - if you can meet its housing and feeding needs. We consider a baby of the Colombian boa, Boa constrictor imperator , an excellent beginner's snake, but there is always the problem of what to do with the creature when it attains adulthood.
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Pet care

How to Help a Baby Bird with Sour Crop

One of the most common problems that send a baby bird to the vet is a condition called “sour crop.” Sour crop is actually “crop stasis,” a condition in which the baby has a crop - or gullet - full of hand-feeding formula that has gone bad. The term “sour crop” describes the condition of the crop's contents, but it's rarely a disease unto itself.
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Dogs As Football Players - Our Doggy Fantasy Football Line Up

I won't pretend to totally understand the game of football. I won't even try. So maybe you can help me. I have a friend that loves football. Every year he has a Fantasy Football Team. It took me almost a whole year just to totally understand the concept. But once I did, it was actually pretty interesting.
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Just for fun

Showing Your Cat

You want to show off your pampered purebred, the most beautiful, intelligent, personable cat on the planet. At least, you think so, and you can't help thinking others will, too. You are ready to enter the exciting but often confusing world of the cat fancy. Here's how to get started. Does Your Cat Qualify?
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